Citizens need long-term investment from the state

It’s fine to expect instant gratification when downloading an app to your smartphone or streaming a movie to your computer. But we can fairly expect our elected representatives to behave differently than the average consumer, by making choices that are

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Taxes fuel the services we all use

If you’re anything like me, you spent part of this week doing your income taxes. Or maybe you’re delaying that task until the weekend. It’s not a very pleasant way to spend your weeknights or your weekend, but those are

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Here’s what education reform ought to look like

From the Everett Herald: ‘Reform” is usually considered a good thing — but some education advocates talk as if a handful of charter schools and firing teachers based on their students’ test scores are the magic bullets that will “fix”

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Washington state’s tax breaks are breaking the bank – and crippling our schools

From the Everett Herald: Occupy Wall Street has turned the national conversation to corporate privilege vs. the 99 percent. The mainstream media has “discovered” the yawning chasm in income, privilege and well-being between Main Street and Wall Street. No surprise

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Kids love cake – so let them eat it

Guest column by Brendan Williams, former Washington State legislator Given that the state’s “paramount” constitutional duty is “to make ample provision for” K-12 education, the focus on proposed budget cuts affecting kids is, not surprisingly, on education. This focus is

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State budget pain is spreading – but not to Microsoft

Maybe you caught Danny Westneat’s column in the Seattle Times titled “Microsoft doesn’t need our tax break“. It was in response to Washington’s downwardly-adjusted revenue forecast, which lops an additional $1.3 billion off our already beleaguered state budget. In case

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Education pays – but at what cost? WA tuition increases threaten long-term economic prosperity

As the saying goes, “education pays.” But with another round of tuition increases at Washington’s public universities this fall, the rising cost of college – and how to pay for it – is becoming a significant barrier to potential students.

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