Let Amazon Hike Up Rents Somewhere Else

Amazon is planning to open a second headquarters (in Amazon speak, HQ2), in another city – not in Seattle. I worry for the city that next falls victim to Amazon, but this is a good thing for Seattle. We as

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Family and Medical Leave Insurance: An economic lifeline for WA workers and families

As Americans, we strongly value both work and family — but as citizens we’ve structured our economy and laws to too often force people to work at the expense of their families. We have given millions of parents the cold

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In 2016, let’s work to create a future with better wages, benefits

Is the future something that will happen to us? No, because as citizens in a democracy, we can make choices and put forward ideas that actually shape that future. So in anticipation of 2016, here are some ideas about how

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Paid Parental Leave Should Be Extended To All

Amazon has joined the growing list of tech companies to expand paid parental leave policies. Earlier this year, Microsoft, Netflix, and Adobe also announced more time off for new mothers and fathers. Between them, Microsoft and Amazon have over 60,000 employees in

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It’s Time: A 3-Step Path to Funding the Education We SHOULD Have

  As divided as Americans seem to be about the role of government, we’re pretty united around the notion that quality public education should be accessible to all. Businesses and our economy can’t operate without an educated workforce – and

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Big business bluffing on investments in higher ed funding

At a poker table, the Washington Roundtable’s latest education report would amount to a bold bluff. Our elected representatives in Olympia should call them on it. The leaders of Washington’s biggest corporations say they want more graduates from the state’s

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Corporate tax subsidies take up 15 cents of every public dollar spent in Washington

Recently, the New York Times released a database examining the incentives and subsidies corporations receive from various states. They identified 48 companies that have received more than $100 million in state grants since 2007, including companies with strong ties to

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Do Opportunity Scholarships pick winners, losers?

Removing barriers to higher education is one of the few places there’s bipartisan agreement (at least in theory) in Olympia. And the biggest barrier – by far – to higher education is high tuition. But Washington state’s recession-induced budget shortfall,

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The narrowing of American opportunity

The drumbeat for economic advancement is filled with warnings that our kids must get a college education to get ahead. So it’s instructive to see where those college educations can lead. Take my friend’s son Dale, for example. He’s 28,

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Washington state’s tax breaks are breaking the bank – and crippling our schools

From the Everett Herald: Occupy Wall Street has turned the national conversation to corporate privilege vs. the 99 percent. The mainstream media has “discovered” the yawning chasm in income, privilege and well-being between Main Street and Wall Street. No surprise

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