State Supreme Court shares in blame for lack of school funding

It didn’t take long before the Legislature stopped its crowing about how it funded K-12 education and admitted that it was far from the mandates of the State Supreme Court for basic education. How is that? It starts with Stephanie

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It’s Time: A 3-Step Path to Funding the Education We SHOULD Have

  As divided as Americans seem to be about the role of government, we’re pretty united around the notion that quality public education should be accessible to all. Businesses and our economy can’t operate without an educated workforce – and

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“Something structural will need to happen”: A McCleary update

As students and teachers settle into the school year, they’re starting to see some benefits from the legislative “down payment” on the state Supreme Court mandate (McCleary vs. Washington) that Washington’s K-12 schools be fully funded by 2018. The question remains: where will

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