Washington’s Equity Gap: Lower tax rates for higher incomes

Excerpted from Washington State Budget 101: Most states have an income tax that makes their tax system more equitable across all incomes and better ensures public revenues keep up with population and economic growth. That means other states have been

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How federal government backstops our economy

From the Everett Herald: My son Owen and I just drove across half the country. He has a summer job in St. Paul, Minn., and we are giving him our 10-year-old car. Hence, a road trip! Driving along I-90 and

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Will multi-billion dollar tax loopholes in Washington’s budget go to the ballot?

By Gary Burris, EOI Senior Policy Associate State legislators are floating new proposals to end billions of dollars in tax loopholes now on the books, in an effort to curb $5 billion in projected cuts to education, health care and

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Money needed to rescue WA Basic Health is out there

From the Everett Herald: We are not broke, or even close. We have more money, income and wealth than 10 years ago, even more than 20 years ago, and way more than 30 years ago. So when lawmakers are making

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$88 million for out-of-state shoppers or kindergarten for thousands of Washington children?

From vs. Hey neighbor, can you spare 6%? We like visitors from Oregon, Montana, and Canada, and we like it when they shop here too, but not enough to pay their sales tax for them. That’s why we think

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Doing right by our kids is patriotic

From the Everett Herald: Who is a patriot? A fair question to ask during the week of our nation’s birthday. What happens if you wear a flag pin on your lapel, and you work to undermine the paramount constitutional duty

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Don’t punish people for getting sick!

Via MomsRising: We’re moms and dads.  We know firsthand how fast the flu travels through our workplaces, schools, and child care centers. We’ve been up at 3 am half-focused on caring for a sick child and half-focused on the related “what

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