State Supreme Court shares in blame for lack of school funding

It didn’t take long before the Legislature stopped its crowing about how it funded K-12 education and admitted that it was far from the mandates of the State Supreme Court for basic education. How is that? It starts with Stephanie

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Seattle educators, parents celebrate victory in standardized MAP assessment

Many teachers and parents in the Seattle School District were thrilled to hear Seattle Schools Superintendent Jose Banda’s announcement earlier this month that the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) standardized assessment will be optional next year. Following the recommendations of a committee

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Now, how shall we fund education?

No matter who wins the elections, there is a lot of work to do. Our governments, at the federal, state, and local levels, must grapple with the slow motion of our economy, the defunding of public services, and the necessity of new jobs.

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Want to improve student outcomes? Start with adequate funding for basic education

When Washington’s Supreme Court found the state legislature “has not complied with it’s constitutional duty to make ample provision for the education of all children in Washington” (see McCleary vs. State of Washington), legislators gave the Washington State Institute of

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Excellence in K-12 Education: Lessons from Finland and Washington

Finland looks like the ultimate slacker. Children start school later, have less homework, and log fewer hours in the classroom. But don’t be fooled. Finnish students score first in the world in science, and second in the world in math.

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Here’s what education reform ought to look like

From the Everett Herald: ‘Reform” is usually considered a good thing — but some education advocates talk as if a handful of charter schools and firing teachers based on their students’ test scores are the magic bullets that will “fix”

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Budget cuts since the Great Recession

Excerpted from Washington State Budget 101: The recession has taken a big toll on jobs and family incomes – and on public revenue. The state has mostly cut services, not raised revenue, resulting in $10.5 billion in cuts. (Note: Federal

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57 years after Brown v. Board, social and economic inequality persists at schools

On the 57th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education, the historic Supreme Court ruling that integrated public schools and paved the way for the civil rights movement, we should take a moment to realize how far the United States

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Seattle Teachers Speak Out: Myths and Realities in Public School Education

Interested in learning more about the present (and future) state of K-12 public education in the U.S. — and Seattle in particular? This Thursday 1/27/11, the Seattle University Coalition for Educational Equality is co-sponsoring a panel discussion with several Seattle

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