Stan Sorscher: Harvest America or Invest in America?

Many American voters seem ready to run our country as if it were a business. Some businesses take a long-range growth perspective, and honor all their stakeholders. A country run that way would be OK. However, other businesses believe their

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The human cost of “free trade” policies, as illustrated by The Constant Gardener

Guest post by Stan Sorscher In a somewhat contentious Town Hall meeting, some of my Congressmember’s constituents, including me, were challenging his adherence to “free trade” policies. In his defense he said, “Go watch The Constant Gardener.” So I did.

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Stan Sorscher: Real business success requires policies that raise our standard of living

For generations, Americans took pride in our strong middle class. The middle class was our political, social, moral, and economic counter-balance to corporate power. That balance has given way to “the new normal” which is some goofy hypnotic code for giving up on opportunities for our children and accepting diminished futures.

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