Trump’s ACA Sabotage May Actually Make Your Health Care Cheaper – 3 Weeks Left to Enroll!

We’re officially halfway through the Affordable Care Act’s 2017 open enrollment period. If this news comes as a surprise to you, you should know—that was the point. In August, the Trump administration announced plans to shorten this year’s enrollment period

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New Data Show Affordable Care Act’s Continued Effectiveness in Washington

The number of people in Washington State without health insurance continued to drop in 2016, according to new data released this week by the Census Bureau. In fact, every state has seen a decrease in uninsured rates since the Affordable

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EOI Receives Grant to Protect Against Healthcare Cuts

The Pacific Hospital Preservation and Development Authority this month awarded the Economic Opportunity Institute a renewable $100,000 grant to develop policies for the preservation and expansion of health coverage at the county and state levels, and prevent losses from the

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Don’t repeal what’s working; fix Affordable Care Act

I am a lucky person. My jaw is broken, but that is not why I am lucky. I have good health and dental insurance. So when my jaw was fractured last month, I didn’t have to worry about how I

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5 Lessons about Women and Money in Washington State

[Cross-posted from Equalisea] “I’ve been taking copious notes!” smiled Washington State Senator Karen Kaiser. On July 8, I was at a “salon,” a panel with a small audience, about economic security for women in Washington State, and it appeared the

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Paying an Unfair Price: The Financial Penalty for LGBT Women in America

New research illustrates why women in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community are at higher risk of for poverty and economic insecurity: discrimination and stigma, compounded by the struggles faced by all women in their jobs, provision of health care, and

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Ladders to opportunity: Sandra

“I grew up with farmers and mechanics, and those types of jobs were the middle class. And it just doesn’t seem that way anymore.”  Sandra grew up in a time when many hard working families were able to join the middle

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Ladders to opportunity: Carmen

“I pay close to three hundred dollars a month just for medical, that’s not even dental and eye [care].  That’s a big chunk of money. In my son’s situation, with [his] reoccurring illnesses, there’s always labs and tests. I had to take a

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Paid sick days promote early detection of cancer

CDC finds workers with paid sick days are more likely to get tests that detect cancer early. Using data from 2008 when 38% of the U.S. working population did not have access to a single paid sick day (43 million

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Listen: Economist Dean Baker on Social Security and Medicare

Yesterday on KUOW’s Weekday with Steve Scher, Economist (and EOI Board Member) Dean Baker debunked myths about Social Security failing, explained how current proposals to “save” Social Security would have the same effect as doing nothing, and suggested realistic ways to put

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