The Equal Pay Opportunity Act: A step toward fair wages for women

By Marilyn Watkins, Ph.D and Sam Hatzenbeler, MPHc From high-profile CEOs and movie stars to healthcare and retail workers, men consistently make more than women. Social scientists and economists have found clear evidence that gender-based discrimination persists – and is

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The fight for equal pay

Back in 1943, when women flocked into the workforce to help win World War II, Washington State banned paying women less than men for similar work. Now 70 years later, women’s pay still trails behind men’s. Women make up almost

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Why living wages are important for my workers, business & the community

By Molly Moon Neitzel When I first decided to open an ice cream shop, I knew that one of my goals would be to pay all of my employees a living wage. So I wrote it into my business plan,

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Equal Pay Opportunity Act

Equal Pay Opportunity Act

November 7, 2014

Unequal pay creates economy-busting jobs Women make up half of the workforce and earn more college degrees than men. But in Washington, the typical women working full-time, year-round in 2013 took home 80¢ to a man’s $1.00. Nationally, Black women

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Having a child is good for your career – if you’re a man

Great news! If you’re a man — especially a highly educated White or Latino man in a professional job — having a baby is great for your earnings. Congrats, dads! We’re happy for you. No, really, we are. But what about

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Congrats on instituting Paycheck Fairness for women, New Hampshire!

If you’re a woman in New Hampshire, things just got a little easier for you. Calling the Paycheck Fairness Act “the most significant piece of legislation for women in New Hampshire in over a decade,” the Granite State’s Governor Maggie

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