If Olympia won’t take action, Seattle should lead the way on education, housing, more

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 121 years ago that racial segregation was legal. Its decision, in Plessy vs. Ferguson, became the law of the land, embedding Jim Crow laws and habits in the South and the North, disenfranchising blacks, creating

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‘Listening tour’ a tone-deaf exercise

Recently the State Senate Early Learning and Education Committee brought their listening tour about K-12 education to Everett. This listening tour has come about as the Legislature has been found in contempt by our state Supreme Court of failing to

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Student debt becoming national economic worry

The U.S. Senate’s Joint Economic Committee released a new report regarding student loan debt, and the numbers aren’t pretty: over the course of the recession, the aggregate amount of student loan debt has nearly doubled from $550 billion to $1

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Money needed to rescue WA Basic Health is out there

From the Everett Herald: We are not broke, or even close. We have more money, income and wealth than 10 years ago, even more than 20 years ago, and way more than 30 years ago. So when lawmakers are making

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