Upcoming events on income inequality – join us!

There’s a lot being talked about when it comes to income inequality, from the national work of Robert Reich’s Inequality for All to local efforts to pass a $15 minimum wage. Here in Washington, elected leaders, business owners, workers and

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Seattle ranks high in upward economic mobility, but Washington state’s ranking lags

Research from The Equality of Opportunity Project found that Seattleites born in the bottom fifth of the income ladder have a 10.9% chance of reaching the top fifth of the ladder. That puts Seattle at number four in rankings for

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What recession? Washington’s Top 1% saw 13.1% income growth from 2009-2011

When we talk about “getting us out of the recession”, who are we really talking about? A recent report by the Economic Policy Institute reveals that the top 1% has captured the lion’s share of economic growth since 1979, even

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Born poor means staying poor: Ominous income inequality trends for U.S.

Sightline’s Eric de Place pulls together recent research illustrating three very disturbing trends in U.S. income distribution: ossification – the rich are more likely to stay rich and the poor are more likely to stay poor; gentrification – older households

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To restart the American economy, end trickle-up economics for the rich

Imagine giving an extra 5% of the nation’s total annual income to the residents of Wasilla, Alaska starting in 1980, and you’ve got a good grasp of income inequality in the U.S. today. Thanks to lower tax rates for the

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What is income inequality like in your community? Find out here

ProPublica has a good rundown on a much-discussed study by the Congressional Budget Office showing that over the past three decades the income of the highest-paid Americans has soared while the income of others has grown much more modestly. Now

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Forging a more perfect, just union

From the Everett Herald: One hundred fifty years ago this week South Carolina troops fired on Fort Sumter, beginning the Civil War. The seeds of war were planted in 1619, when the first Africans were forcefully kidnapped and brought to

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