Washington ranks 10th in economic outcomes, still an uphill battle for people of color

CFED’s 2016 Assets and Opportunity Scorecard is out – and many of its measures indicate that while Washington (like much of the country) appears to be rebounding from the Great Recession, a great many families are still struggling –and families of color face higher barriers to financial security. Here’s how The Evergreen State

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Starts with s-e-x and ends with -ism

The fact that women earn less than men is a major theme of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ newest databook, Women in the Labor Force. The earnings gap has certainly narrowed over the last several decades, but despite national and

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Video: Just Scrap The Cap

October 18, 2011

With every paycheck, we contribute to Social Security. So do our employers. That’s how the program is funded. Then when we reach retirement age, incur a disability, or if a breadwinner dies, we are protected by modest but dependable monthly

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