Property taxes enhance private value

I start fretting in August about paying the second half of my property taxes in October. I worry that I will forget to pay (as I have done), and get penalized (as I have been). So I decided to pay

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Choose to live with peace, hope and love

When I was a kid, growing up in Connecticut, we would celebrate Advent. We weren’t much of a Christian family, but we kept Christian customs. So each of the four Sundays before Christmas, before we began our Sunday dinner, my

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All we are saying is give Reese’s Pieces a chance: Candy tax worth protesting

Peter Callaghan nails it in a wry, tongue-in-cheek column about taxes on candy and bottle water: Some have said paying more for candy is the least we can do to keep public safety agencies intact, to assure that public schools

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Cough if you need sick leave

The short, lumpy red couch in Stili Klikizos’ second-grade classroom at Milwaukee’s Fratney Elementary School was meant for quiet-time reading. Now it’s “the sick couch,” a place for ill students to lie down as they await the bus that takes

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News and Views: Cutting through the rhetoric on state taxes and spending to see the real effect on our economy.

In which Senator Debbie Regala (D-27, Tacoma) takes a clear-eyed look at state taxes and spending over the long haul, and Amy Kinsel (Professor of History at Shoreline Community College) points out the short-sighted irony of cutting funding for the

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Oregon legislature, voters take long-run look at budget – will Washington?

Yesterday, Oregon voters responded to the recession with strong votes in favor of two tax measures that will help preserve state funding for health care and education. The two measures provide more than a just revenue Band-Aid – they are

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Listen live: The costs of disinvestment in early childhood education

From 12:05-12:10pm today (Wednesday the 27th) Sara Watson from Pew Center on the States will be on KUOW’s “The Conversation” to talk about the Partnership for America’s Economic Success recent early childhood education brief, The Costs of Disinvestment. You can

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News and Views: Will Washington’s early childhood education goals pass the test?

Today’s News and Views is about early childhood education, which has had trouble finding a home (and non-discretionary funding) in Washington State. Last year, early learning supporters — who range from policy experts to sheriff’s deputies — cheered when lawmakers

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Michelle Obama: Why paid sick days mean more innovation, productivity and health

Michelle Obama on work and family: I’d like to just spend a few brief moments talking about today, an issue that I’ve talked a lot about, and that’s the issue of work-life balance. You know it: the constant struggle to

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2010 marks an economic crossroads for our state

From the Everett Herald: We begin 2010 with a pretty severe hangover from 2009. The national economy is bouncing along the bottom, unemployment continues at record high levels, consumption is down, tax receipts are dwindling, and public services have been

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