$14 million for face lifts and nose jobs — or child care for 39,000 working families?

Until a few days ago, Working Connections Child Care – one of the state’s most efficient welfare-to-work programs, according some – was slated to fall under the budget axe. Now lawmakers are now looking for $12 million in savings to

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Review tax exemptions for economic impact before cutting billions from budget

Lawmakers should take a closer look at tax exemptions and preferences before cutting billions out of critical public programs and services, urges Remy Trupin, Executive Director of the Washington Budget and Policy Center, in a recent column in last week’s

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Facing up to a $5 billion shortfall: How would you balance Washington’s budget?

60% of Washington’s budget (read: K-12 education and Medicare) is both constitutionally and legally protected from cuts. That means the projected $5 billion revenue shortfall in  Washington’s 2011-13 budget will be carved out of $14 billion — a 35% cut.

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As federal stimulus money dries up, child care costs poised to increase

Thrive By Five Washington blogger and dad Paul Nyhan also reports that federal stimulus funds for state child care programs are running out. That means deep cuts this coming budget cycle – and spells bad news for many working families:

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Ignoring the elephant in the Rotunda: State services suffer while tax breaks go unexamined

Governor Gregoire “hates” her 2011-2013 budget proposal, and it’s no wonder: it cuts $4.6 billion by, among other things, eliminating funding for class size reductions, ending the state’s Basic Health Plan (BHP), ending assistance to the disabled and closing state

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Schakowsky deficit plan challenges Fiscal Commission: Do right by America’s middle-class, families and retirees

A lot of hay has been made over a recently-released Fiscal Commission proposal for reducing the federal deficit. The plan, developed by co-chairs Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, includes several dramatic policy proposals like increasing the Social Security retirement age,

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