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Recently, the Governor’s office has been flooded with phone calls from concerned citizens. Surely the looming budget shortfall of $5 billion, a collapsing housing market, draconian cuts to state funded higher education programs and other ‘truly ugly’ cuts to come

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One reason to be thankful: we’ve had our wake-up call

Reprinted from the Everett Herald: Can we be thankful? We have friends and family and food, all in large doses on Thursday. We also have a houseful of worries, which perhaps we can put off for a couple of days:

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The projected Washington state budget deficit: What about revenue?

The Washington state Office of Financial Management, the governor and legislature all agree—things are bad for Washington State’s budget. So how did this happen? How did the deficit soar from $3.2 billion less than a month ago to more than

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A balanced approach to balancing Washington’s budget

Looking only at year-over-year increases in state spending is an oversimplified perspective that doesn’t address important economic factors such as population growth or inflation. Measuring state revenue and spending as a percentage of personal income provides a more accurate picture.

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The estate tax: A cornerstone of Washington State’s revenue

The governor’s race in Washington State has been especially heated this year, with both candidates promising to balance the budget and help working class people. But as economic conditions have changed, so have the candidate’s plans. Recently, the Everett Herald

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