Ladders to opportunity: Angela

“I’ve been promised a dream that doesn’t exist anymore.  The rich are getting richer; the middle class are getting poorer… I think that’s really sad for our country. I’m waiting for us to step up and do something right and

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Citizens need long-term investment from the state

It’s fine to expect instant gratification when downloading an app to your smartphone or streaming a movie to your computer. But we can fairly expect our elected representatives to behave differently than the average consumer, by making choices that are

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Union membership and middle class prosperity

Recent research from the Iowa Policy Project (IPP) takes a historical look at the rise and fall of union membership in America – and corresponding trends in income inequality. IPP found when union membership was meager in the early 1900s,

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You can’t win in America’s casino economy – unless you change the rules

A casino can be an entertaining way to pass the time, provided you know two things: 1) you’re probably going to lose; and 2) if you win, it’s not because of skill – its luck. But even “no-limit” poker is

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Social Security must keep ensuring dignity for all

From the Everett Herald: It used to be that working hard and playing by the rules earned most people economic security and the ability to retire with dignity. But jobs are being outsourced, the jobs that remain offer lower wages

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