Taxes are the price of liberty

July 3, 2008 | Aaron Keating

Basking in the glow of fireworks, it’s sometimes easy to forget that liberty has a very real price tag attached. Three priceless things we buy with our tax dollars every day – by no means the only examples:

  • Education: From public schools to the G.I. bill, accessible and affordable education remains the foundation of personal opportunity in America.
  • Security: Both physical protection (police and fire brigades) and economic protection (Social Security and Medicare) are purchased with taxes.
  • Transportation: Expanded commerce and employment wouldn’t be possible without public investments in networks to move people and products from place to place.

“Liberty and justice for all” can’t be bought on the cheap. Vibrant public structures are necessary in order to underwrite the freedoms of a prosperous and secure society, including: standards that keep our work and family life in balance; regulations that keep us – and our environment – healthy; and good schools that give our kids a strong start.

The freedom of an open marketplace for our ideas, goods and services can only flourish when we each pay our fair share of the dues for democracy.

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