1. Rosemarie Schmidt says:

    Fantastic!! How to spread this news?

  2. Jonnee Denton says:

    Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  3. mike e says:

    I’m not a policy wonk or attorney so I don’t know the sticky details (does citizens v. united apply in WA too?), but the vast majority of people don’t want to take their discretionary time to read all this. Suggest doing things like putting up a petition on that encourages a bill or initiative eliminating the corp loophole and tying education investment and tuition to the MEDIAN wage. Link here for the details.

    idea #2: write gov docs (laws, initiatives, etc) in 6th grade reading level beginning with a 1 sentence “executive summary”, not legalese.

    #3: do away with the electoral college nationally and bring back the popular vote

    #4: institute a carbon tax to internalize the costs of pollution, offset by reducing revenue taxes (tax the sin, stop taxing the good)

  4. Bill Wald says:

    ” The average wage is now $52,635 a year. (That may not make sense to you, but remember, this is not the typical wage of a middle class worker — this average is thrown off by the million dollar pay packages of the top 1 percent.)”

    Median wage should be used. It is very seldom that mean wage is used in published “income” stories. On the other hand, most readers will not understand the difference.

    • Economic Opportunity Institute says:

      Median wage is a preferable measure in this case, and as such is referenced as a baseline in the first paragraph (and elsewhere): “In the 2008-09 academic year it was $7,254 (in today’s dollars), almost one-fifth of a full time job paid at the median wage.” However, the reference to average wage is necessary because that is the legislative proposal being discussed: “[State Sens. John Braun and Barbara Bailey] propose tying tuition to a percentage of the state’s average wage.”

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