Tax Reform

galloping-gertieWashington’s tax system: unbalanced, out-of-date and overdue for reform.

EOI’s analysis and public education efforts have supported new funding to expand the Basic Health Plan for low-income working adults, boost educational achievement, and repair our roads. We’ve helped slow down the proliferation of special interest tax breaks and raised interest in modernizing our tax system and making it fairer.

Working with Bill Gates, Sr. and an array of individuals and groups in 2006, our policy research and media outreach helped win the fight to preserve Washington’s estate tax, which supports lower class sizes, helps struggling students, and promotes additional enrollments in higher education.

Reforming the state’s tax structure will take patience, determination and strong partnerships. We’re working with a broad range of concerned individuals and groups to catalyze public dialogue, educate policymakers and promote pragmatic change.

Only with a responsible, progressive and robust tax system can Washington promote economic growth and shared prosperity, ensure public services keep pace with 21st century needs, give every kid a chance in life and keep our transportation system rolling into the future.

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