Every day, public decisions affect private lives. Each of us counts on our democratic institutions to serve and protect economic opportunity for our children, families and communities through sound public policy.

But policy-making can be hijacked by narrow interests, stifled by a lack of resources, or clouded by apathy and cynicism. When debate is dominated by the drive for individual or private gain, civic institutions fail to develop solutions to our common problems, putting opportunity at risk for everyone.

In 1998, a group of committed local leaders set out to change that by founding the Economic Opportunity Institute (EOI). Their goal: expand economic opportunity through new public policies to protect and rebuild the middle class; promote investment in public services and structures that make opportunity real; and reinvigorate public debate over economic opportunity in Washington State.

Today, working in concert with grassroots organizations, coalitions and elected officials across the state, EOI’s research, vision and leadership is helping protect wages and jobs, modernize workplace standards, promote a secure future for retirees, ensure every child has the opportunity to succeed in school, and build a more fair and robust tax system.

Over the next 5 years we’ll continue to research and analyze economic changes and the evolving needs of Washington’s workers, families and children – and make positive change here in Washington state.

Our History

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EOI hosts educational events across the Puget Sound, with nationally-recognized speakers on a topics like Social Security, the state economy, paid sick days, and more.

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