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There are many ways to contribute to building a fair economy for that works for all of us. You can help us build momentum for change and strengthen the collective voice of our community. Here’s how you can get more involved:

1. Stay informed about – and take action on – public policy issues to build an economy that works for everyone: sign up for our newsletter, delivered every two weeks right to your inbox. (And of course: no spam, and we never share your info with others.)

2. Become an EOI Social Media Ambassador. You’ll help promote more informed public discussion about important policy issues facing Washington, and learn a lot in the process. Here’s how it works: A couple of times per month, you’ll get an email asking you to share a recent blog post or action item from EOI on your personal Facebook page, Twitter feed or other social media page. Contact us to sign up or learn more.

3. Join us as a Development Volunteer. You’ll help out with logistics and take care of other tasks that support EOI’s long-term success. Contact us to sign up or learn more.

4. Share your experience. Facts and figures are great, but knowing the real-life impact of a public policy is what helps people (like lawmakers!) understand why policy change is important. We’re looking for stories about experiences with equal paypaid sick days and/or family and medical leave, and why they are critical to healthy families and workplace productivity. Visit the Washington Work and Family Coalition to learn more and share your experience.

5. Support our work with a donation. Every dollar you contribute helps us mobilize the community and reach lawmakers. Contact us for information about bequests, donations to our endowment, or other questions.

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EOI hosts educational events across the Puget Sound, with nationally-recognized speakers on a topics like Social Security, the state economy, paid sick days, and more.

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